Gov't working to enable local farmers to benefit internationally from legal ganja industry

Audley Shaw
The Government says it is actively pursuing avenues that will make it easier for ganja farmers to benefit internationally from the legal ganja industry.
Agriculture Minister Audley Shaw is attending a Cannabis Conference in the US Virgin Islands where he says he plans to pursue the issue.
Banking laws in the US do not allow earnings from the legal ganja trade to pass through its financial system.
When RJR News spoke with Mr. Shaw on Tuesday following his presentation at the second Global Tourism Jobs Conference in St. James, he outlined plans to tackle the issue by looking at ways to "overcome the hurdle" of correspondent banking. 
Mr. Shaw said the plan is to encourage local ganja farmers to grow their plants to conform to US specifications.
Let's start making medicinal ganja that is low in THC (toxic level) and high in CBD, which has the medicinal value, and conforms to the law in the United States and that will open up our banking arrangements," he suggested. 
In the meantime, Mr. Shaw said the Alternative Development Programme will begin in March as planned.
The Government has said the pilot project is an avenue for small ganja farmers to benefit from the ganja industry.
The pilot, which will commence in Accompong, St. Elizabeth and Orange Hill in Westmoreland, will involve the farming of ganja to provide raw material for processors.
Under the project, small farmers will work under the general guidance of larger companies "who are more exposed to the technology and to the appropriate discipline surrounding the orderly production of the product so that it can be part of an international market." Mr. Shaw said. 
He called for ganja farmers to be prepared to conform to the rules of  the legal trade.

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