Guy calls for more police in St. Mary amid spike in crime

MP for St. Mary Central Dr. Morais Guy
Dr. Morais Guy, Member of Parliament for Central St. Mary, has called for the Police High Command to put more boots on the ground following a spike in criminal activities in the parish.
Dr. Guy suggested that migrant criminals have been invading St. Mary.
He said Wednesday night's major robbery at the Western Union outlet in Highgate is an example of criminals overrunning the parish.
Noting that the security guard was tied up and the outlet's vault removed, Dr. Guy said the incident is proof that criminals are "on the loose" in Highgate. 
The MP believes wrongdoers have been infiltrating the "peaceful community" because "they feel they can take advantage of it" and because there is a shortage of police officers to adequately patrol the area.
The police have not yet stated how much money was stolen from the Western Union outlet.
They say the men entered the building by cutting the padlock to the grille and removing the glass panes on the door.
No one has been arrested in connection with that incident.

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