Haughton explains split from party on GCT reduction

Opposition Senator Dr. Andre Haughton is chalking up his recent split from his party on General Consumption Tax (GCT) reduction to a conflict between his academic and political sides.
During his state of the nation address in the Senate on Friday, Dr. Haughton urged the government to carefully weigh whether the suggestion by Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips to reduce the GCT by two percentage points is worth the $26 billion which would be lost in revenue.
In a statement Wednesday, Dr. Haughton acknowledged that his comments on GCT reform contradict the Opposition Leader.
Dr. Haughton explained that he is an academic by profession and is accustomed to intellectual freedom of speech, but agrees with the party's stance on collective responsibility.
He pointed out that he is a new member of the Shadow Cabinet and was unaware of previous discussions and decision on tax policy.
He has vowed to discuss matters internally to avoid misunderstandings.

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