Holness-led gov't has turned its back on Jamaicans - PNP claims

Donna Scott Mottley
The People's National Party (PNP) is claiming that Prime Minister Andrew Holness's popularity is falling and has urged its supporters to capitalise on this.
Senator Donna Scott Mottley told PNP supporters at a Troja Divisional Conference in St. Catherine on Sunday night that Mr. Holness had turned his back on the people of Jamaica.
Mrs Scott Mottley claimed this was evident with the rising cost for goods and services, adding that Mr. Holness has ignored the pleas of Jamaicans calling for a reprieve. 
"He and his team don't see people anymore. They don't see what the people of this country are experiencing. They don't see the hunger, the poverty. They don't see the frustration which is happening in this country. Prices go up, not on a daily basis. If you go to buy some food and go back three hours after, is a different price you getting," she contended.  
Arguing that it is not enough to say there is a global crisis, Mrs Scott Mottley suggested the government "can do something about it" by capping the tax on gas, even for six months "to help us through this challenging time". 
As she blasted the government, the senator encouraged PNP members to band together to win the next general election. 
"Part of the reason why we have lost these elections is because our people have stayed home...and turned their backs on the People’s National Party. You have to work to get them back. We have to make a change. Enough of the Jamaica Labour Party. Enough of the pillaging of your money," she charged.  

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