Homestead Primary student in stone throwing incident receiving counselling

Education Minister Fayval Williams
By Racquel Porter 
The Ministry of Education has disclosed that the Homestead Primary School student who was seen throwing stones into a classroom, has been receiving counselling.
The relatives of the grade three student have also been receiving counselling.
Education and Youth Minister Fayval Williams says the Child Protection and Family Services Agency has intervened in the issue.
She again admitted that the video may not show the "whole story", but said the demeanor of the child as he picked up stones and hurled them, indicated he has "anger management issues that really need help [by] a professional person over a number of sessions".   
Minister Williams, who was speaking Thursday on the Morning Agenda on Power 106, said she is awaiting a further report from Homestead Primary School to determine if teachers will be sanctioned for failing to take control of the incident. 
"I know it’s not just one report that I will get. This is an active situation and I fully expect to get other updates as to the additional work that is being done there," she said. 
The Ministry of Education is also working closely with Homestead Primary School to prevent longstanding issues between the principal and teachers from spilling over into the classroom. 
"I know that our chief education officer, the regional director, and others have been at the school and are trying to understand exactly what has been happening, 'cause I understand it’s been happening for some time," Mrs Williams noted, adding that the ministry wants a "harmonious relationship" between the management and teachers. 

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