Hotel cancellations reported in wake of US quarantine rule for travellers

Delano Seiveright
The Ministry of Tourism is reporting hotel cancellations following the Executive Order issued on Thursday by United States President Joe Biden that requires international air travellers to quarantine upon arrival in the US.
Delano Seiveright, Senior Advisor in the Tourism Ministry, told Radio Jamaica News that the cancellations are the result of confusion about the announcement and concern about the inconvenience.
However, Mr. Seiveright said the Executive Order is in line with the recommendation of the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for travellers to quarantine. 
"What has already been in place for several months as it relates to guidelines by the CDC, the president of the United States has said it on national TV, in the public domain, and as such it has caused concern," he said of the situation. 
The new requirement is in addition to the rule which requires all travellers to the US to test negative for COVID-19.
The rule takes effect on Tuesday.
Mr. Seiveright said the Ministry of Tourism is awaiting another set of guidelines from the US in relation to testing and quarantine for travellers. 
"Biden has instructed several federal agencies and departments in his administration to review, over the next two weeks, quarantine and testing arrangements concerning travellers, and we expect to get an update in say two to three weeks on what those federal agencies would recommend for the Biden administration," he outlined. 

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