Hylton says poor leadership at Transport Authority made him resign

Willard Hylton, the acting managing director of the Transport Authority, revealed today that he resigned because of poor leadership at the state-run entity.
Radio Jamaica News has received a copy of Mr. Hylton's resignation letter.
Mr. Hylton stated that he had grown extremely disappointed with the poor quality of leadership coming from the office of the General Manager for Operations.
He said there was no accountability from the officer.
Mr. Hylton outlined in the letter that, as his immediate supervisor, he has had several sessions to coach, mentor and counsel the General Manager but the results were less than desirable.
He also said he experienced orchestrated attacks on his character from outside the Authority.
Mr. Hylton said he refused to lead the Transport Authority under those circumstances.
He will demit office on June 30. 
Services at Transport Authority offices were disrupted for a third day today as employees staged a protest against Mr. Hylton's departure, which they believed was forced.  
Employees from the various regional offices and representatives of taxi associations gathered outside the Transport Authority's head office on Maxfield Avenue, demanding Mr. Hylton's reinstatement.
The employees and taxi associations, who spoke highly of Mr. Hylton's work ethic, appealed for a meeting with Transport Minister Audley Shaw to address the situation. 
In a media release, Opposition Spokesman on Transport Mikael Phillips said the situation needed the immediate intervention of Mr. Shaw to prevent a total breakdown of order in the public transport system.
Mr. Phillips also called for Mr. Shaw to clarify the reasons for Mr. Hylton's resignation.

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