Improper disposal of single-use face masks could pose environmental issue, NEPA warns

There is a concern single-use face masks could become an environmental problem locally if steps are not taken to ensure proper disposal of them.
The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) says improper disposal of these masks has become an environmental issue globally and it wants to prevent it from becoming a major problem locally.
It is encouraging Jamaicans to properly dispose of single-use masks to prevent them from becoming pollutants.
Anthony McKenzie, Director of Environmental Management and Conservation at NEPA, said face masks should be placed in a covered garbage bin. 
In addition, the ear loops should be cut before disposal.
Mr. McKenzie noted that the improper disposal of masks could result in them ending up in water bodies and along the coastline.
He explained that this can cause a serious impact on marine life as sea creatures often mistake these foreign items as food. 
Mr. McKenzie said the masks can also block drains and result in flooding.

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