INDECOM probing fatal shooting of vehicle examiner by cop in Clarendon

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) says it is probing the accuracy of the account given about the fatal shooting of a motor vehicle examiner by a policeman in Bucks Common, Clarendon, Wednesday night.
The police have reported that Constable Delano Graham killed Navardo Ford in self-defence.
INDECOM said Constable Graham has given an initial account and was served with a notice to furnish a statement next week. 
It said a licensed firearm was reported to have been recovered from the deceased.
The police said Constable Graham had just taken his girlfriend home when another car drove up to the gate. 
It is reported that Mr. Ford alighted the vehicle with a gun in his hand and began to beat and kick the policeman's girlfriend.
It said when Constable Graham called out to him, he reached for his gun.
Fearing for his life, Constable Graham reportedly opened fire in the man's direction, hitting him in the upper body and grazing the woman on the hands.

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