INDECOM seeking more statements from residents about fatal police shooting in Stewart Town

Terrence Williams
The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) is seeking additional statements from residents of Stewart Town, St. Mary regarding the shooting of Savion Hinds, allegedly by the police on June 15.
INDECOM Commissioner Terrence Williams made the appeal during a visit to the community on Tuesday. 
"We would like to get more statements, particularly from anybody who might have seen when Savion went into the police vehicle at the crossroads before he came up here. So if anybody has information or saw him along the way with the police, we would like you to contact INDECOM," he urged. 
Residents of Stewart Town on Monday continued to protest the killing. They disagree with a police statement regarding the circumstances which led to Mr. Hinds' death.
The INDECOM boss said investigators have already interviewed and collected statements from the cops involved in the case, "and following further examination, they may be brought back for further interviews." 

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