Indian High Commissioner urges Jamaica to quickly secure Covaxin vaccine

Masakui Runsung
Indian High Commissioner Masakui Runsung is urging Jamaica to secure doses of India's Covaxin vaccine now, so it can get supplies as soon as the World Health Organisation (WHO) gives approval.
The Jamaican government has expressed concern about the challenges developing countries have been facing in accessing vaccines while rich countries hoard supplies.
Jamaica and other Caribbean countries are yet to receive supplies under the COVAX programme or purchases on the open market.
While acknowledging Jamaica's reluctance to purchase vaccines not approved by the WHO, Mr. Masakui urged the government to try to get ahead of the queue for Covaxin. 
He said the vaccine is already being used extensively in India for frontline workers and has been exported for used in several countries while another 22 countries have expressed interest in buying the product. 
Mr. Masakui said the cost of the Covaxin vaccine will be very competitive and will benefit the Jamaican government.
Covaxin is an Indian government-backed vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech.

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