Indigent housing beneficiaries could lose property if found stealing electricity, McKenzie warns

Desmond McKenzie
Beneficiaries of the government's Indigent Housing Programme are being warned that they could lose the property if they are found to be stealing electricity.
Minister of Local Government Desmond McKenzie addressed the matter on Wednesday at the ground breaking for the construction of several units in West Rural St. Andrew.
Criticism has often been leveled at politicians for lacking the will to fight the scourge of electricity theft, especially in political garrisons.
But Mr. McKenzie has said the practice will not be tolerated. 
"If you want electricity, apply to the Jamaica Public Service for legal light. And anytime we find somebody who either tief light or tief water, chances are that you going lose out on everything. Government give you something, you must play your part," he advised.   
In the meantime, Mr. McKenzie said the Local Government Ministry has decided to furnish the houses it provides to the poor.
He explained that in the past, many persons would get the house but go for long periods without beds and other amenities needed to live comfortably.
"You can't go into something nice and then throw cardboard on the ground and lie down on it. And the government has gone a far way - all of those 36 houses that we have built, all of them have been furnished," he revealed. 

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