IT experts conducting assessments after JAMCOVID-19 security lapse

Chief Executive Officer of tTech Limited, Chris Reckord

Information Technology specialists, who have developed government websites, are reportedly conducting assessments to identify possible vulnerabilities.

Chief Executive Officer of tTech Limited, Chris Reckord made the revelation on Power 106 FM’s Morning Agenda programme on Tuesday.

Mr. Reckord said IT specialists have been discussing the security issues related to the JAMCOVID-19 website and are acting to ensure websites they have developed are secure. 

He also encouraged government entities to have their website assessed.

“I’ve spoken to folks who have developed government websites. They’re all going back to checking all of these sites. I even reached out to my own team at the office and said ‘guys, can we again ramp up to ensure that if people come to us to do tests on their websites we can turn around and do it very quickly?’ ” Mr. Reckford said.

Mr. Reckord said the vulnerabilities identified on the JAMCOVID-19 website have left the Amber Group and Jamaica in an “embarrassing” position.

“I do know some of the folks that work with the [Amber] Group. I haven’t spoken with anybody yet but it’s a massive oversight. And you know, it’s hugely embarrassing for the company and even worse embarrassing for the country. It should’ve been done on multiple levels,” Mr. Reckford said.

 He also said if the website was created in three days, as has been reported, there should have been follow-up security checks.

Last week, US publication TechCrunch reported that hundreds of thousands of pieces of personal information were available for public access because of a security lapse on the JAMCOVID-19 website.

The publication also reported on a second lapse this week.

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