Jamaica not expected foot repair bill for damage to Falmouth pier

Edmund Bartlett
Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett says Jamaica is not expected to bear the cost of the repairs to the Falmouth pier following Thursday's damage to the structure caused by one of Royal Caribbean International's cruise ships.  
Mr. Bartlett said he expects that discussions will take place between the Port Authority of Jamaica and the cruise line regarding repairs to the pier. 
"The discussion of the costs and footing the bill is something that is internal to the Port Authority and the cruise lines, and I think that there is a mechanism to deal with that. It's not going to be something that will be of any significant impact and we hope for sure that it will not set us back in any way," the minister indicated. 
"The cruise lines and ourselves have a great relationship, as you know, and we have no doubt that the arrangements [will] make sure that full recovery and reparation is done." 
The third largest ship in the world, the Harmony of the Seas, also sustained damage while docking in the pier. 
Mr. Bartlett told Radio Jamaica News that local personnel are not responsible for the accident as "piloting is done by the cruise line themselves" especially for mega vessels like Harmony of the Seas. 
The cruise ship hit a small concrete mooring, causing dents, paint scrapes, and other damage.
Royal Caribbean said none of the 7,000 passengers or crew was injured. 
Inspections showed the overall damage to be minor and the ship was repaired.
The ship left Falmouth on Thursday afternoon.

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