Jamaica to enter partnership with Guyana in food security drive

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has announced that Jamaica is entering into a partnership with Guyana to produce food there.
In that regard, Mr. Holness is encouraging Jamaican investors to take advantage of this initiative.
Noting the abundance of land available in Guyana, situated on the South American mainland, he said the partnership will involve the use of "Jamaican know-how" - adding, "we have the companies here and we have the capital here, and we're going to partner with our friends in Guyana."
Such partnerships are important to Jamaica's and the region's food security, he stressed: "Invest here where we have an advantage, and invest in other countries where they have advantage." 
The Prime Minister Andrew Holness who was speaking at his governing Jamaica Labour Party's Area Council One meeting on Sunday, also urged his fellow Jamaicans to change their diets in light of the looming food crisis caused by rising prices and shortages.
He said the government was aware of the rough times Jamaicans are going through as a result of inflation.
In that regard, he said as the prices of wheat and other grains increase globally, one way Jamaicans can reduce the effects is to change what they eat, suggesting consumption of breadfruit and cassava flour insted of imported wheat flour, for example.
"We need to start figuring out as a country... how we start to change what we eat, so that we grow what is nutritious and beneficial to us in our diet," he said.
"Not all the things that we are importing and consuming, for which the price is rsing, is good for us," he stressed. 
Mr. Holness noted that the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries has started taking steps to increase local food production.
He reiterated that the government has also offered targeted support to the most vulnerable Jamaicans but announced that this will be increased.

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