Jamaica to import vegetables as short term response to crop loss

Agriculture Minister Floyd Green, addressing Parliament on Tuesday


The Jamaican Government is considering the importation of vegetables to ease the shortfall in supply after heavy rains wreaked havoc on the agricultural sector.

Agriculture Minister Floyd Green addressed the House of Representatives on Tuesday regarding the impact of the rains on farmers. 

More than 14,000 hectares of crops, valued at almost a billion dollars have been lost due to the rains.

The crops include vegetables, fruits, bananas, Irish potato, sweet potato, yam, cassava and sorrel.


Despite some poultry farmers suffering losses arising from the rains, the Agriculture Minister said the country will have an adequate supply of chicken meat for Christmas.

Mr. Green explained that there has been a significant increase in chicken rearing since the onset of  COVID-19, with many persons who lost their jobs due to the pandemic turning to this option as a short-term source of income.

As a consequence, he said, "the demand that the companies are seeing for baby chicks has actually outstripped the demand last year this time when there was no Covid."




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