Jamaican drug dealer spared deportation from UK last month, released on bail

A Jamaican drug dealer in the UK whose deportation was halted by a last-minute appeal a month ago has been released on bail from custody by a judge.
A report in the Daily Mail newspaper says the Jamaican, who can be identified only as 'RS', was due to be on board a Home Office charter flight on December 2.
He and 22 other Jamaicans submitted legal challenges which delayed their removal.
Lawyers for the Jamaican – who was jailed for seven and a half years for dealing in Class A drugs – have successfully argued that he should be freed from an immigration detention while the Home Office prepares another deportation flight. 
The UK's High Court ruled on Wednesday that keeping him locked up was unlawful and ordered Home Secretary Priti Patel to release him on bail.
Judge Timothy Corner said the man's mental health is seriously impaired and detention is making it worse. 
His lawyers argued he was suffering from severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.
RS was released from prison in August 2019 and, after periods on bail, was taken into immigration detention in November.
The High Court heard that RS – who first went to the UK in 2002 – said he had been kidnapped and shot in the head by a gang in Jamaica in 2001.
The Jamaican also claimed he was raped in prison in 2016.
During Wednesday's hearing, the judge was told by Home Office lawyers that the next deportation flight to Jamaica could take place in March. 
Thirteen Jamaicans were deported from the UK last month amid strong campaigns and legal attempts to stop the controversial flight.
Earlier this month, news came that the Home Office is moving to have foreign criminals with jail sentences as short as six months assessed for automatic deportation.
It's part of moves by the Home Secretary to dramatically tighten legislation on kicking out offenders.

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