Jamaican farm workers still in demand overseas despite coronavirus, says Labour Ministry

Collette Roberts Risden
Despite global spread of the coronavirus, the Ministry of Labour has said there is still a demand for Jamaican farm workers in the United States and Canada.
Collette Roberts Risden, Permanent Secretary in the Labour Ministry, said the demand is expected to grow over the next two months. 
"We have requests by the employers to ensure that the workers that they require do come to work on the agricultural farms, both in the Unites States and Canada. It would seem to us that the season is good in terms of agriculture and so the farmers are expecting good crops this year," she revealed. 
Mrs Roberts Risden said the ministry is aware some farm workers might be unwilling to travel at this time because of the coronavirus pandemic. 
However, she said the ministry is taking extra precaution to ensure it does not send workers who may have health issues. She added that farm operators overseas are also doing their part to ensure the farm workers are not exposed to the virus. 

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