Jamaican man arrested on migrant smuggling charges in the USA

US authorities have arrested a Jamaican man suspected to be involved in the smuggling of  migrants into the United States.
News emerged on Monday that a U.S. Customs and Border Protection boat pulled over a vessel carrying migrants off  Lake Worth Inlet in Palm Beach County, Florida last week.
Agents reportedly found 15 people from Jamaica and eight other countries, including India, Guyana, The Dominican Republic, and The Bahamas.
According to the Miami Herald newspaper, the Jamaican, who is identified as Shane Anthony Clacken, was one of  four suspected smugglers taken into custody.
Mr. Clacken was arrested on a charge of  attempting to re-enter the United States after being deported, and human smuggling. 
A criminal complaint filed in federal court on Sunday said the Jamaican was convicted on felony drug charges prior to being deported.
Five others on the boat were also arrested on charges of  attempting to re-enter the US after being deported. 

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