Jamaica's buildings should withstand a major earthquake - IMAJ

Lenworth Kelly
The Incorporated Master Builders Association of Jamaica (IMAJ) has added its voice to the discussion on the structural soundness of buildings in Jamaica in the event of a major earthquake, especially underground parking lots.
Experts have been weighing in following several earthquakes and aftershocks in Puerto Rico, which have caused infrastructural damage.
Lenworth Kelly, President of the IMAJ, said Jamaica has in recent years been constructing sturdier structures according to revised building codes.
Mr. Kelly agreed that if a building is designed according to the requisite codes, it should withstand a major shock. While he noted that the buildings could still sustain damage, he pointed out that the main idea is to save lives. 
He said in the last ten years, buildings have been constructed to withstand earthquakes measuring about magnitude 7.0 on the Richter Scale.
Mr. Kelly, who was speaking Tuesday on TVJ's Smile Jamaica programme, said buildings, especially hospitals and schools, constructed prior to the revised building codes, need to be upgraded. 

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