Jamaica's unemployment rate dropped to 7.1% in October 2021

Carol Coy
Jamaica's unemployment rate dropped to 7.1 per cent in October 2021.
This represents a decline of 3.7 percentage points relative to October 2020. 
Carol Coy, Director General of the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN), said 76,600 more people were employed in October 2021 compared to the year before. 
"In October 2021, there were 1,234,800 persons employed in Jamaica. This was an increase of 6.6% or 76,600 persons when compared to October 2020. These persons were engaged in economic activities for at least one hour during the September 19 to 25 reference week," Ms Coy revealed. 
She noted that females recorded the larger increase in employment, with the number of employed females growing by 8.5% to 568,600. On the other hand, the number of employed males increased by 5.1% to 676,200.  
Ms Coy said the sector with the largest increase was real estate and other business services followed by arts, entertainment, recreation and other services.
She said the current unemployment rate trails pre-pandemic figures. 
"The number of persons employed in Jamaica in October 2021 was 16,700 fewer than in October 2019.... When we look at age group, there are more persons in the youth population and in the retirement age who were participating in the employed labour force in October 2020."
Ms Coy, who was speaking on Monday at STATIN's quarterly press briefing, said youth unemployment rate is also down, declining by 9.3 percentage points to 18.9% relative to October 2020.
The decline was larger among females in the category. 
"The unemployment rate for females was 21.6%, down 12.3 percentage points. Male youth unemployment was 16.6%  - a decline of 7.2 percentage points. The number of unemployed youth fell by 17,600 to 37,400," the STATIN director general outlined. 

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