JCF boasts of 40% clear up rate for murders

The Police High Command is celebrating the clear-up rate for murders which it says has been steadily growing over the last three years.

The High Command says the rate now stands at over 40 percent, which is in keeping with international standards.

In this week's Force Orders, Police Commissioner Owen Ellington noted that with continued increases in the number and quality of criminal investigation courses, he remains confident that the clear-up rate will get even better.

The Commissioner says this is very important in bringing closure to the victims of crime and for the accurate and timely presentation of case files to the Director of Public Prosecution and the Courts.

Commissioner Ellington noted that the more the police can get convictions based on quality evidence-gathering, analysis and presentation, the more the Force is able to ease the fear of crime in the society.

To emphasize this point, the Commissioner pointed to last Friday'sconviction of two members of the Spanish Town, St. Catherine based One Order gang.                                            

He asserted that the conviction of these two criminals was due to the good work of the St. Catherine North police, especially the operation units and investigators who prepared air tight cases for the courts. 

Commissioner Ellington also noted the vigourous and competent use of available technology as part of the investigative process.

But he said this has to be intensified as the JCF seeks to improve on its clear-up rate.

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