JHTA suggests consistent inspections could keep COVID cases down

Clifton Reader
Clifton Reader, President of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA), says consistent inspections have helped to keep COVID-19 cases to a minimum in the tourism sector and should be adopted in the wider society.
According to Mr. Reader, the positivity rate among visitors has been less than 0.6 per cent.
He says inspection of resorts have worked.
But Mr. Reader lamented that this is not happening across the country.
"Maybe at this point, we should use some of the inspections to look at other areas because when I drive through some of the towns and cities and places like those, we don't see that kind of breaking of the rules in hotels as we see out there," he pointed out. 
Mr. Reader said Jamaicans should not be concerned about transmission of  the virus through visitors as the tourism sector has ensured that COVID-19 protocols are observed.
"If every single hotel manager, as we've instructed, if they instruct that their guests, locals or otherwise, vaccinated or not, follow the protocols - the physical distancing, the wearing of masks, sanitisation and washing of hands especially - if they follow those protocols, they are well on their way to protection no matter how many guests they have," he suggested. 

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