JTA not surprised by students' poor diagnostic test results

Jasford Gabriel
The Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA) has said it is not surprised by the results of diagnostic tests which revealed students at the primary level are significantly behind in key subject areas after missing months of classes.
Speaking with Radio Jamaica News Friday morning, JTA President Jasford Gabriel said he expects the data will show similar challenges among secondary school students. 
"The truth is there has been a lot of fallout in terms of students being engaged in any significant way throughout the period since March, and it's something we have  to treat with and put the necessary strategies in place to bridge the gaps that exist," he suggested.  
Mr. Gabriel said teachers informally shared their concerns following the tests done in October. 
"They would have noted some of the challenges in terms of students not being able to properly complete some of these diagnostics and the fact that supervision would not have been as adequate as they would want it to be," he revealed. 
He said some schools have started interventions.
The Ministry of Education on Thursday disclosed that average scores for grades four to six students were well below 50 per cent across all subject areas on which they were tested.
The ministry said analysis has not been completed for students at the secondary school level.
Starting this month, it is proposing to spend $173.4 million on a remedial intervention programme.

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