JTA to hold talks with Pembroke Hall High teacher

Owen Speid, speaking with Morning Agenda host Jodi-Ann Quarrie
Jamaica Teachers' Association (JTA) President Owen Speid has committed to speaking with the Pembroke Hall High School teacher caught on video threatening to harm a student following a request from the boy for her to publicly apologise to him.
Children's Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison, who has been acting on behalf of the student, disclosed to Radio Jamaica News on Thursday that the student wants a public apology.
Speaking Friday on the Morning Agenda on Power 106, Mr. Speid said the discussion with the teacher will also include the demand from the Pembroke Hall High disciplinary committee that she apologise to the Board of the school and the school population. 
Mr. Speid is not pleased with the demands for the teacher to apologise.
He said he was surprised by the demand as there has been no such call for the student to apologise despite him breaching the schools rules by having a cellphone in the classroom. 
Furthermore, Mr. Speid argued that the teacher has already apologised publicly via social media as well as to the board and has admitted that she acted unprofessionally. 
He insisted a similar request should be made of the student who was threatened and who recorded the exchange with the teacher. 
The student no longer attends Pembroke Hall High School.
Radio Jamaica News reported Thursday that the disciplinary committee has recommended that the teacher be allowed to keep her job.
However, she will be reprimanded.
The recommendations are contained in a letter to the Ministry of  Education.

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