Kingston Eastern police stretched by SOE, ZOSO - Robinson

Julian Robinson
Julian Robinson, Member of Parliament for St. Andrew South East, has said the states of emergency and zones of special operations have left the Kingston Eastern police stretched and limited in their ability to deal with the current upsurge in crime in the Mountain View Avenue area.
An escalating feud involving gang members from Jacques Road and Goodwich Lane claimed its latest victim Monday morning when a man was fatally shot along Deanery Road.
Mr. Robinson notes that the security forces have increased their presence in the area, but says more is needed. 
"The reality is that the police are already stretched. When you have so many ZOSOs and states of emergency, their resources are deployed there, so it's difficult to move them from those places that are not currently under states of emergency. So I think they're doing the best that they can with the resources that they have. I think there also has to be a non-police intervention to some of the persons who are involved to see how we can resolve disputes that have contributed to the murders," he suggested.  
Mr. Robinson is hoping the police can identify the main perpetrators behind the murders and bring an end to the violence, which he said is taking a toll on the affected communities as well as those who have to traverse the area. 
States of emergency now cover five parishes as well as the St. Andrew South police division.
There are zones of special operations in Mount Salem in St. James and Denham Town, Kingston.

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