KSAMC restricts building in areas prone to landslides

Mayor of Kingston Delroy Williams
The Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) is restricting building in several areas following a study highlighting communities which are considered to be highly susceptible to landslides.
The investigation followed the 2020 tragedy in which a father and daughter died when a landslide swept their house down a slope in Shooter's Hill.
A cease and desist order on building in the area was announced last year.
On Friday, Mayor of Kingston Senator Delroy Williams said landslide susceptibility mapping has been done for the rest of the Kingston Metropolitan Area.
"This indicates a number of areas with a high probability of failure, provided there are triggers from heavy rainfall and or earthquake," he revealed, noting that maps, imagery and databases created as part of the project area are available to the KSAMC for use.  
Mayor Williams said builders will have to meet strict requirements in areas susceptible to landslides. 
"Further development is restricted in these areas. Where developments are deemed important, detailed geotechnical investigation needs to be undertaken before, stabilization measures implemented on and around the proposed development, residual risk analysis undertaken to ensure it is not transferred to adjacent areas adhering to building codes, particularly, the design of foundations and structures resistant to movement," he outlined.  
He was making his presentation in the State of the Nation Debate in the Senate.

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