Lecturer says PNPYO request for Phillips's timeline for departure is fair

Damion Gordon
Damion Gordon, Assistant Lecturer of Public Policy at the University of the West Indies, has said the request by the People's National Party Youth Organization (PNPYO) for Dr. Peter Phillips to establish a timeline when he will step down is not unreasonable.
Mr. Gordon said the request is fair based on the urgency of issues facing the PNP following its electoral loss. 
"And therefore, at this point in time, it may require some sort of prod them into that direction. The political survival and continued relevance of the party depends on how quickly the party resolves the leadership deficit. And I've also always maintained that the youth arms of the parties are not just simply mouth pieces of the political parties. They are a composite of the interests, the views, the needs of youth broadly, and the agenda that they pursue must be broader than narrow partisan interests of the political parties," he asserted.  
Fitz Jackson, Chairman of the People's National Party, on Tuesday said the PNPYO's letter to Dr. Phillips suggesting a 30-day timeline for his departure was unfortunate and ridiculous.

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