"Legalise or de-criminalise ganja" - lobby group pleads

Marijuana lobbyists have issued an appeal to have the drug legalised or decriminalised, as they claim Jamaica is missing out on great economic benefits.

The Ganja Law Reform Coalition (GLRC) and the Millennium Council of RasTafari Houses in Jamaica, held a press conference on Friday where they also called for the repeal of the laws, to allow for the private, moderate use of marijuana.

The press conference was used to launch the International Cannabis Conference, scheduled for late September. Tzdhne Ishigyht ,Assistant Secretary of the Millennium Council, argued that Jamaica could rid itself of dependence on the Intenational Monetary Fund (IMF) if it adopted the approach being recommended regarding canabis "because the by products from hemp can make garments,  it can make a lot of healing products such as oils, the uses are endless ….. so ganja has a lot of commercial value other than just smoking it."


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