Lisa Hanna retains St. Ann South Eastern seat after magisterial recount

Jordan Whittingham, Lisa Hanna's attorney and JLP candidate Delroy Grantson
The People's National Party's Lisa Hanna has been declared the winner of the St Ann South Eastern seat following a magisterial recount.
Ms Hanna received 5,150 votes and the Jamaica Labour Party's Delroy Grantson 5,119.
Mr. Grantson applied for the recount as the seat was won by 14 votes following the preliminary count on election day.
At the end of the recount Wednesday, Miss Hanna's attorney, Jordan Whittingham, told Radio Jamaica News he was not surprised by the outcome.
"There can only be one winner and this outcome was inevitable. We all had the go through the ballots in great detail during the final count, along with the returning officer. We knew what were in the ballot boxes, we knew what was coming and so the outcome is really no surprise. Any objective analysis would have indicated that there could be no material change to the margin that could affect who the winner of this contest was," he insisted.  
Mr. Grantson, the defeated candidate, told Radio Jamaica News that he will continue to serve the people of St. Ann South Eastern.
"...Because I think there is a lot of work to be done in South Eastern St. Ann. They have suffered immensely for the past 14 years and I know a number of persons are very saddened by the fact that they will...continue to be misrepresented and also not represented well in that constituency," he said. 

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