Lower age for COVID-19 vaccinations, MP urges

Julian Robinson, MP for St. Andrew South Eastern


Opposition MP Julian Robinson is urging the government to lower the age for registration to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to 60.

The Ministry of Health & Wellness is currently only allowing people who are 75 years and older to register.

Mr. Robinson contends however that take-up of the vaccine could be boosted by lowering the age.

On Saturday, the health ministry held its second vaccination blitz, inoculating 1,038 people.

It started the day accepting only people 75 and older; however, when it became apparent the take-up would be low, it allowed persons 60 years and older to show up and be vaccinated.

That experience, according to Mr Robinson, illustrates that “those 60 and over are very willing to take the vaccine right now, and the ministry should allow them to be registered and vaccinated while it continues the public education to get more of the 75 persons vaccinated.”

If that is done, “I believe our numbers of vaccinated persons would go up significantly,” he said.

The Ministry of Health & Wellness has revealed that up to April 1, there had been 42,754 inoculations with the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, representing two per cent of the population.

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