MAJ wants Health Ministry to explain what factors led to easing of COVID restrictions

Dr. Andrew Manning
The Medical Association of Jamaica (MAJ) is seeking more data from the Ministry of Health on the recommendations made for the revised COVID-19 measures announced by the Prime Minister on Wednesday.
Weekday no-movement days have been discontinued and the curfew has been reduced by one hour. 
MAJ President Dr. Andrew Manning believes the restrictions could have continued until vaccination levels were increased or COVID cases declined, but said he would like to "hear from the technical people in the Ministry of Health so that we could see exactly what parameters we are looking at that would have led to a suggestion that we could ease the restrictions at this time."
Dr. Manning, who was speaking Wednesday on Beyond The Headlines, said the measures should have remained in place until the country achieves a positivity rate of "about five per cent and sustain that for two weeks." 
Additionally, he questioned the move, reasoning that more than 700 COVID patients are hospitalised, which is "far in excess of our normal capacity, and we still have a very low rate of vaccination." 
The MAJ president said he is also concerned because recent events have highlighted how "ill-equipped we have been to deal with a significant surge in terms of finding beds (and) in terms of meeting with the demands for oxygen." 
He asserted that the next fourteen days will be critical for assessment on whether the announced measures will need to be revised. 

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