Man accused of attacking cops at Junction police station charged

The man who is accused of attacking two police officers at the Junction police station in St. Elizabeth last week has been charged.
This was disclosed by head of the St. Elizabeth Police Division Superintendent Catherine Lord while addressing the monthly meeting of the St. Elizabeth Municipal Corporation on Thursday.
Superintendent Lord said Chris Elliot, who is still in hospital, has been charged with assault and unlawful wounding.
She told the meeting that the police sergeant and the constable are both off duty recovering from their injuries.
Mr. Elliot, who has a mental illness, is accused of attacking the police officers on April 5.
He reportedly went to the station to give a report about being robbed.
Superintendent Lord has called for an inter-agency approach involving the police, the health department and the municipal corporation to address the problem of mentally ill persons roaming the streets of St. Elizabeth
She has also called for relatives of these individuals to be responsible by seeking assistance for them.
Regarding concerns about the location of the Junction police station, Superintendent Lord said there is nothing that can be done at this time.
She said what is needed is the construction of a new police station as the present structure is located in the middle of the road.

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