Man dies following two-vehicle crash in Manchester

A fiery crash in Manchester on Tuesday has left one man dead.

The deceased has been identified as Dowayne Patterson.

The incident occurred about 3 o'clock along the Content main road in the vicinity of the Windalco, Kirkvine plant.

Reports are that Mr. Patterson was driving a Honda Integra motorcar towards Christiana.

The driver of a Toyota Corolla motorcar, with one passenger, was travelling in the same direction.

It is not clear how the vehicles collided, but the impact sent Mr. Patterson's motorcar into a building used for commercial and private purposes.

The building and the vehicle became engulfed in flames.

Mr. Patterson burnt to death.

The other car crashed into a house.

The occupants of that car escaped serious injuries.

However, their vehicle and the house were damaged by flames.

There was no indication that people were inside the buildings at the time of the crash.

Residents told RJR News that the road was wet from rain and that could have contributed to the crash.

There are also reports that speeding was a factor.

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