Manchester farmers yet to receive promised assistance to relieve glut

Collette Stewart, a tomato farmer in New Forest, Manchester
Farmers in South Manchester have expressed frustration that they are yet to receive the promised assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture to deal with a glut of their produce on the market.
Last month, Agriculture Minister Floyd Green said $35 million was allocated to help the farmers.
However, the farmers say they are yet to be contacted by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority.
Collette Stewart, a tomato farmer in New Forest, says she is on the verge of giving up because of the lack of support from the government. 
"Farmers are frustrated. We are being treated real bad and as a woman farmer I'm so frustrated. You're calling for help and no help," she lamented. 
Miss Stewart said proper cold storage would assist the farmers in dealing with the excess produce and finally solve the recurring issue.  

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