Mayor tours May Pen market following fire

Winston Maragh
Winston Maragh, Chairman of the Clarendon Municipal Corporation, on Monday morning led a team to the May Pen market which was gutted by fire on Sunday.
A meeting is underway with the affected vendors.
Following a tour of the market, Mr. Maragh told RJR News an investigation is still being conducted by the Fire Brigade and a meeting would be held with the affected vendors. 
More than 200 vendors have been displaced.
Safety audit 
In the meantime, there is a call for an an urgent audit and assessment of fire safety measures in Clarendon.
Zuleika Jess, People's National Party caretaker for Clarendon Central, said the fire brought to light the grave lack of fire fighting apparatus, including fire hydrants.
Ms Jess said firefighters were on Sunday hampered by the poor layout of the May Pen market, as well as the absence of a fire hydrant.
She has called for the fire department to assess all the critical sites in Clarendon and identify where fire hydrants are needed, particularly in major town centres.
Ms Jess has also appealed to the Clarendon Municipal Corporation and the Ministry of Local Government to immediately identify a suitable site for a temporary market and provide compensation for the affected vendors to get back on their feet.

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