Ministry of Education says it is taking steps to guarantee placement of all Grade One students

Parents who have been experiencing difficulty getting their children registered for Grade One due to a space shortage at some primary schools, have been told the matter is being addressed by the Ministry of Education.

Some schools have been turning away parents with the explanation that they have no space because of  the physical distancing protocol due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The education ministry told Radio Jamaica News that up to late last month it had to be assisting parents with getting their children into the primary school system.

One parent from Montego Bay said she was turned away from primary and preparatory schools close to her community due to a space shortage. She said schools outside her immediate community also rejected her six year old daughter.

Dr Grace McLean, acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, promised to assist the mother.

In an interview with Radio Jamaica News, Dr McLean said the ministry will ensure that students are appropriately placed at schools close to their home.

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