Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce calls for new stimulus package for tourism sector

Janet Silvera
The Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce is calling for the government to consider another stimulus package for the tourism sector.
Speaking at a media briefing on Wednesday, Janet Silvera, who is president of the Chamber, said the sector is headed for more challenging times with new travel requirements in key source markets. 
"Business owners are feeling it and many are trying to carry the weight of their employees and the welfare of their employees' families on their back. We need the help. Businesses need stimulus to help them stay afloat and help them retain their employees. The spending power of our citizens heavily impact the viability of our economy," she insisted. 
Last year, the government provided temporary cash transfers to registered businesses in the tourism industry to help counter the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Craft vendors and transport operators also received a $40,000 one-time payment.

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