Montego Bay mayor calls for cooperation between residents, security forces to curtail murders

Homer Davis
With a 50 per cent increase in murders in St. James last year compared to 2018, Mayor of Montego Bay Homer Davis has said the situation cannot be allowed to continue.
Mr. Davis said there should be greater cooperation this year between residents and the security forces to curtail murders.
"We ought to get involved in working with all the stakeholders to make sure that we don't reach to that target in 2020. It can happen in my opinion. There is no stranger that is coming in to commit these crimes. They are known to persons in communities. There are several ways in which information can be passed on and I would encourage the citizens to continue to work with our security forces because we all need a peaceful environment for our parish, St. James," he urged.
Unruly motorists 
Mr. Davis also warned unruly motorists in St. James, who he said "sometimes create some of the problems that we have experienced," that stronger action will be taken against them to maintain order. 
"As motorists, I would appeal to all of us out there who operate motor vehicle to do so in a way in which you have some regard for other road users," he said. 

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