More than 200 warning notices issued to persons failing to destroy mosquito breeding sites in Westmoreland

The Westmoreland Health Department says it has issued more than 200 warning notices to persons failing to comply with instructions to destroy mosquito breeding sites on their properties.
The notices were issued by vector-control workers subsequent to the activation of the Ministry of Health and Wellness' enhanced mosquito-control programme in August.
The action is in keeping with the Department's ramped-up efforts to curtail the spread of dengue fever.
Acting Vector Control Coordinator for Westmoreland, Sasharna Matalie, said while many residents have been taking responsibility, some continue to ignore warnings to destroy existing and potential breeding sites on their premises.
Individuals refusing to obey the notices are liable to be taken before the courts and fined. 
Up to November 7, there were 61 suspected or confirmed dengue-related deaths, of which 17 were in 2018 and 44 in 2019.
There were 7,171 suspected, presumed or confirmed dengue cases during the two-year period.

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