Most Jamaicans say entertainment events should not resume until pandemic ends - RJRGLEANER Don Anderson poll

Don Anderson
While players in the entertainment sector are anxious to again be able to make a living from the industry, most Jamaicans say parties should be a no-go until the pandemic ends.
An RJRGLEANER Don Anderson poll sought views from August 19 to September 3 on the issue of entertainment.
Entertainment has been shut down locally since the COVID-19 pandemic reached Jamaica in March last year, except for a brief period in the summer.
During the poll, people were asked whether they felt entertainment events could be held safely during the pandemic.
Pollster Don Anderson said the answer was a resounding no, with 71 per cent of people not in favour of these events taking place. 
Jamaicans also did not believe banning alcohol at entertainment events could make them safer. 
Asked whether they believed alcohol-free events would help reduce the spread of COVID-19, an overwhelming majority, 86 per cent of respondents, said 'no'. 
Gov't wrong 
Additionally, three out of every four Jamaicans surveyed say the government was wrong for allowing entertainment events in the summer.
The government reopened the entertainment sector in early July, allowing parties and other events.
However, after the Emancipation and Independence holidays in August, the government again placed a prohibition on entertainment events, citing rising COVID-19 cases as the third wave of the pandemic began in Jamaica.
Mr. Anderson said a large majority of Jamaicans said they did not support the reopening, with 72 per cent giving that answer. 
However, 28 per cent of those interviewed agreed with the sector being reopened. 
Several people have blamed the resumption of entertainment activities for the current surge in COVID-19 cases.
Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie has said there was a 59 per cent compliance rate at parties held over the Independence period.
The RJRGLEANER Don Anderson poll was conducted among 1,003 Jamaicans and has a margin of error of plus or minus three per cent.

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