Mother and daughter beheaded in St. Catherine in 2011 were warned before their death

A statement submitted in court on Thursday revealed that hours before they were killed, Charmaine Rattray and her daughter Joeith Lynch, were warned their lives were in grave danger and should leave home.
The women were shot, chopped and beheaded by thugs in Lauriston, St. Catherine.
The information is contained in a statement given to the police by a relative.
The relative stated that Ms Rattray was warned that men were planning to kill her and her daughter.
No reason was given for the threats ordered by an area leader.
Ms Rattray reportedly responded that she heard about the threats and told the relative she had nowhere to go.
Eleven statements were admitted into evidence on Thursday based on an agreement between the prosecution and defence.
Among them were the post mortem reports.
The government pathologist reported that Ms Rattray died as a result of traumatic shock and bullet wounds.
Her daughter died of traumatic shock and chop wounds.
Two men are on trial for the murders in July 2011.
Three other men charged in the case pleaded guilty on Wednesday to non capital murder.
They are to be sentenced on December 11.                                                                                    
Meanwhile, the seven member jury was on Thursday shown a video of one of the accused giving a caution statement to investigators.
In the video statement, the defendant, Sanja Ducally, reported that he was coming from a function in Lauriston when he heard screams coming from the home of Ms Rattray and her daughter.
He said he went into the house and saw a man by the name Rushane inflicting chop wounds to Joeith Lynch's body.
The accused said he went too close to the man, who was wielding a machete, and was accidentally chopped on his hand.
He said he ran from the house, and while running along Rio Cobre Drive, he heard several gunshots.
In the caution statement, the defendant said he was taken to Kingston Public Hospital for treatment by one of the men who was in the house, who went by the alias Wormy.
He said the following day, he went to the Port Maria Hospital in St. Mary for stitches.
He denied participating in the killings.
The trial continues on Friday.

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