MP shocked by erosion of Chesterfield Drive

Anthony Hylton, Member of Parliament for St. Andrew Western
Anthony Hylton, Member of Parliament for St. Andrew Western, has said he is shocked and disappointed that Chesterfield Drive, which was recently constructed in his constituency, is already showing structural weaknesses.
Mr. Hylton, who visited the area on Monday, said Sunday's erosion of the base of the road in some areas, shows that the drains which were put in were inadequate.
He has questioned the level of inspection which took place before the road was commissioned into service. 
"Who does the final inspection to pass these roads as fit and proper and that they've been well done. These raises (sic) time and again some fundamental questions, and as the person responsible for physical planning in the Oposition, these are the kinds of questions that I'm looking at, I'm raising to say, is it not time for us to look at our institutional arrangements?" he asserted.   
Mr. Hylton acknowledged that "general anti-social behaviour and a lack of cleanliness," such as the disposal of garbage in drains, has played a role in the damage to the road.
Stephen Shaw, Communication Manager at the National Works Agency (NWA), has said the problem stemmed from the drains being unable to manage the volume of  water coupled with the heavy deposit of garbage. 
However, the NWA has maintained that Chesterfield Drive remains safe for motorists despite the erosion.
Chesterfield Drive was constructed to allow traffic to bypass Portia Simpson Miller Square, which is now a massive road construction zone.
It opened in early December.

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