NCB Staff Association upset following company's COVID vaccine mandate

All is not well between the NCB Financial Group and the NCB Staff  Association following Tuesday's announcement by the conglomerate that it will mandate COVID-19 vaccination for its employees.
The Staff Association says it did not agree to mandatory vaccination as it has several concerns.
The NCB Staff Association says following an invitation, it met with the NCB Financial Group's Human Resources and Facilities Division's Team to discuss a COVID-19 policy.
According to the Staff Association, it gave its perspective and recommendations as to how to approach and institute the policy.
In a news release on Wednesday afternoon, the association said at no time did it agree to mandatory vaccination as it had concerns including medical reasons, religious belief and the availability of vaccines, based on the October 31 deadline set by NCB.
The association said it also noted that some NCB employees had contracted the coronavirus and were waiting for the specified period before taking the vaccine.
The association added that it had no discussions with NCB regarding action to be taken against employees if they were not vaccinated and expressed surprise at the request for weekly negative PCR Test results at the worker's expense.
On Tuesday, NCB said unvaccinated employees who are unable to attend work would be required to take days off and the period of absence deemed as unpaid leave or taken as vacation leave.
The NCB Staff Association said it wants further talks with the financial institution to discuss what has prompted the mandatory vaccination policy.
The group also wants to know if NCB is willing to accept liability if persons are forced to take the vaccine and there are adverse effects.
It further requested that NCB explain what exemptions are there for employees opposed to vaccination and persons of religious persuasion who are not vaccinated.
The association highlighted that the cost to the staff of doing PCR tests represents a violation of International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention which states that any required occupational safety and health measures should not involve any expenditure for employees.

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