New COVID-19 pre-testing requirement for some travelers to Jamaica

Prime Minister Andrew Holness


There will shortly be a COVID-19 pre-testing requirement for some travelers coming to Jamaica.

The government announced on Monday that non-residents from certain destinations seeking to enter Jamaica as of  July 10 will be required to present recent COVID-19 test results at the airport.

During a digital media briefing, Prime Minister Andrew Holness said pre-testing will be required of persons coming from high-risk areas, such as New York, Texas, Florida and Arizona in the US. He said the test must have been done no longer than seven days prior to the visitor’s arrival in Jamaica.

Mr. Holness said, as of Wednesday, the test results must also be uploaded to the Jamcovid online portal before approval is given to fly to Jamaica.

Business travellers will still be tested on arrival and quarantined for 24 hours to await the test results.

Jamaican residents who are returning home will not be tested at the airports. Mr. Holness said they will be allowed to proceed to their homes after making an appointment for testing at the nearest health facility.

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