New PNP president won't have support of all party members, says Burke

Paul Burke
Paul Burke, a former general secretary of the People's National Party (PNP), is of the view that the new president of the party will not have the support of all members.
He has put it at 60 per cent because of division in the PNP.
Sharing his view Thursday on the Morning Agenda on Power 106, Mr. Burke said the PNP cannot unite with Dr. Peter Phillips at the helm.
However, at the same time, he said a new leader will create further division. 
"I know that Dr. Phillips remaining cannot unite the party because we have so many different agendas and I know that if you elect a new leader in this period, it's going to further divide the party because it's going to be around a personality and not anything else," he asserted.  
Mr. Burke said he fears that standards in the party are at a point where the leadership can be bought. 
"A member of the party or a supporter of the party called me and asked me why was she not getting money to vote this time and she got money to vote in the presidential election, and this election a bigger election than the presidential election and she nah get no money to vote this time and she nah vote. I encouraged the individual the go out and vote, and she voted, but that was the initial attitude. Today, money can buy the leadership of the PNP and I'm not going to retire from that statement, he declared. 
No suitable candidate? 
In the meantime, Mr. Burke said there is no identifiable member of  the PNP to assume the presidency.
He said while the leadership issue must be addressed quickly, he is worried that there is no suitable candidate. 
Responding to Morning Agenda host Sanjay Lewis, Mr. Burke said he "cannot think of any name right now that can unite the party in this state it's in..." 
"And this state did not happen under Dr. Peter Phillips," he continued. "It started with Portia Simpson Miller being elected in 2006 as party president. It continued to the downward trend as it continued when I became general secretary." 

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