New political party UIC to contest next general election

Joseph Patterson, leader of the United Independents' Congress (UIC)
Newly registered political party the United Independents' Congress (UIC) says it has been working in some constituencies as it prepares to contest the next general election.
The Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) said the Joseph Patterson led party was certified after meeting the requirements of the Representation of the People Act.
Mr. Patterson, who is based in North East St. Elizabeth, has said the party will shortly announce the constituencies it will focus on. 
He said Jamaicans should vote for the UIC because it is an "opportunity for all of us join hands together and create a new Jamaica." 
"Hope is finally on the way. There is now an opportunity for Jamaicans to turn away from divisive partisan politics and support a movement which is about uniting Jamaicans; a movement which is about ending corruption, ending the poverty and ending the crime that continues to undermine their economy," he declared. 
Mr. Patterson was speaking Thursday on The Morning Agenda on Power 106.

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