New York City Mayor and Immigrant Affairs Commissioner announce funding to assist newly-arrived Haitians in accessing social services

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Manuel Castro yesterday announced an additional US $1.65 million in funding for Fiscal Year 2023 to help newly-arrived Haitians access immigration legal assistance and numerous social services.

This funding is an increase from last year, bringing the total investment for New York City's Haitian Response Initiative to US $3.15 million.

"I am proud to be the mayor of the largest Haitian population in the United States and am pleased to announce the additional $1.65 million in funding that’s being provided to help newly arrived Haitian New Yorkers," said Mayor Adams.

To mark the importance of this announcement, a Haitian flag-raising ceremony was held at Bowling Green, near Wall Street, in lower Manhattan.

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