NIA dissatisfied with PM's move to keep Wheatley in Cabinet

Professor Trevor Munroe
Anti-corruption watchdog National Integrity Action (NIA) has described the move by Prime Minister Andrew Holness to keep Dr. Andrew Wheatley in his Cabinet in the wake of the Petrojam scandal as a disservice to the nation. 
News came Monday that Dr. Wheatley had been stripped of the energy portfolio.
He will remain as Minister of Science and Technology.
In an interview with RJR News Tuesay morning, NIA Executive Director Professor Trevor Munroe said the agency is not satisfied with the move. 
Professor Munroe argued that with the transfer of the energy portfolio to the Office of the Prime Minister, the office might be overwhelmed given that it already houses seventeen other departments.  
He added that the Prime Minister should live up to the commitment he made during his inaugural address in 2016 to "ensure that everyone under (his) appointment is held to account for their actions or lack thereof."
The NIA director believes Dr Wheatley should resign because the code of conduct dictates that ministers "are to be accountable for the policies and operations of their ministries, departments and agencies." 

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