NIA outlines expectations for Holness administration

Professor Trevor Munroe
Professor Trevor Munroe, Executive Director of National Integrity Action (NIA), has shared bold expectations from the Andrew Holness administration, two of which he wants achieved this month.
Professor Munroe said this is based on the provisions of the National Consensus on Crime Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which was signed last month.
The agreement, which was signed by the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader, outlines the steps that must be taken for a sustainable reduction in crime and corruption, and specific deadlines beginning this year.
Professor Munroe said the Prime Minister agreed to deliver two things before the end of the third quarter which ends this month. 
One is "to ensure that the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) becomes completely independent in so far as the regulations needed to ensure that," and secondly that the Public Bodies Management Accountability Act, "be strengthened to reduce the extent to which cronyism nepotism, partisanship, would allow the boards to be populated."  
While Professor Munroe acknowledged that the month-end deadline is close and may not be achieved, he suggested that "certainly, the first part of October, one would expect that these two commitments - not pledges but actually signed documents - will be delivered as was anticipated."  
Meanwhile, Professor Munroe also shared expectations in relation to the standards he expects to be imposed on government ministers, particularly when two of those appointed - Daryl Vaz and J.C. Hutchinson - had controversial situations during their previous tenure. 
"There are two ministers who have been appointed, who have within very recent times questioned their own judgement, which the Prime Minister has now articulated as a major criterion for membership in the executive - good judgement, integrity, dignity and efficiency. And in so doing, he is simply underlying and repeating what the ministerial code of conduct, which states very very explicitly integrity, selflessness, accountability, leadership by example are the criteria on the basis of which ministers should guide their conduct. So we're looking now for deeds to match words," he noted.
Professor Munroe was speaking Monday on Beyond The Headlines.

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